Billy Booze (Femboi Incubus)
NameBilly Booze (a.k.a. Femboi Incubus)
AgeUnknown (In his 20s)
Place of BirthNew Jersey, United States
Sexual OrientationPansexual

Billy Booze is a famous cosplayer, gamer, adult oriented content creator and streamer from the United States. At present he considers himself a FemBoi (a classification inside the sissy spectrum that is a hybrid between crossdressing and the adoption of femme posing).

Since 2015 he chronicles his transformation from a common teenaged boy to his current self on his profiles at sites like Patreon, OnlyFans and Gumroad.


An exponent of the Femboi growing community on social networks, Incubus was born and still lives with his family in New Jersey. When he was 15, he started to crossdress in a humoristic context at the cosplay events and conventions.

Incubus has said also that in his late teens he experienced a great amount of lose weight after prescribed medication he had to take as part of a non-disclosed health treatment. This reduction in his body size improved his androgynous looks that would become trademark features of the Femboi Incubus persona.

Gradually he started uploading his photoshoots on Patreon and Twitter incorporating a femboi/sissy persona to the cosplaying trend. This attracted lots of followers and became a first step for gender fluidity experimentation.

Nowadays he is single and in 2019 he became father to a child, his OnlyFans & Patreon profiles are extremely successful with over 12K followers on Twitter and hundreds of likes to his posts.





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