Name Goddess Summer Age Unknown Place of Residence Cornwall & Brighton, United Kingdom Role Dominant Website Goddess Summer Jane is one of the most famous British Dominatrixes & FinDommes of the new FemDom generation of the second decade of the 21 century. Based in Brighton, her domination practices vary
Name Billy Booze (a.k.a. Femboi Incubus) Age Unknown (In his 20s) Place of Birth New Jersey, United States Sexual Orientation Pansexual Website Billy Booze is a famous cosplayer, gamer, adult oriented content creator and streamer from the United States. At present he considers himself a FemBoi (a classification inside
Name Sissy Barbie Age 26 Place of Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina Sexual Orientation Bisexual Sissy since: 2007 Website Sissy Barbie (a. k. a. Sissy Barbie Pau) is a popular bisexual social media figure, sissy historian, author, adult oriented content creator and porn actress from Argentina. She considers herself a
NOTICE: In the following article this encyclopedia will use pronoun She when it refer to sissies. Notice that this encyclopedia respects people that use the pronouns them or they and it’s not our intention to offend anybody. A sissy is a non-conformant biological masculine who adopts hyper-feminine behaviors and practices
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Butt plugs
brownie queen: the men who prefers the passive role in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is doing the fucking.  
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bummer: 1.[Brit] in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked. 2 noun. A bad time. [it was a bummer with Eric]
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bumfuck 1. to do anal intercourse. 2. an act of anal intercourse. ass fucking; an act of anal intercourse, to insert a penis in the anus. [He is a good bumfuck.] 3. n. an imaginary place where all the residents are hicks, rednecks, homophobic or otherwise backwards. (” Eric and
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brotha: black male [Submitted by Gay & Black Glossary Jul-27-2000  by Roedy Green ©1997-2000]
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boyz: [late1990s] young males. Term was made popular by the movie Boyz In The Hood [Submitted by Gay & Black Glossary Jul-27-2000  by Roedy Green ©1997-2000]
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