Sissy Barbie
NameSissy Barbie
Age 26
Place of BirthBuenos Aires, Argentina
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Sissy since:2007

Sissy Barbie (a. k. a. Sissy Barbie Pau) is a popular bisexual social media figure, sissy historian, author, adult oriented content creator and porn actress from Argentina. She considers herself a pioneer figure and possibly is the first professional sissy model from the South American country.

A great example of the new generation of sissies, her pornographic videos can be classified into the Solo category and they are mostly uploaded in Xhamster but she has stated her intentions to grow her media network towards the OnlyFans, Clips4Sale and Manyvids websites. Currently she also is working on the Sissy-Central network as an historian and encyclopedist for the Sissypedia Encyclopedia.


Barbie was born on August 15th, 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents are divorced and currently are not in knowledge of her sissiness. She started exploring the porn world at the age of 11 when she first watched scrambled latin porn channels such as Venus & Playboy TV, alternating this with viewing of sexuality and BDSM documentaries.

Barbie soon found an interest in anal sex after repeatedly watching solo and lesbian videos in which the actresses had only anal scenes. Around 2005 sissy wanted to experience the same feels women had when they were penetrated so at the age of 12 she started anal stimulation by using her fingers and touching her G-Spot while taking long baths.

One of the oldest pictures of Barbie that can be found on the internet. She was 18 years old at the time this picture was taken.

Within the start of anal stimulation, Barbie used a long list of common day objects to stimulate her anal vagina. From pencils and pens to baseball bats and bananas were used for the sake of sexual exploration in the middle of her preadolescence.  Barbie tried to stop the stimulation with feelings of guilt after her clitty squirted, but she always came back for more anal after a couple of weeks period of time. This would go on for the remaining of her life till present day.

Of course, not being completely satisfied with only anal stimulation, Barbie started stealing her mother’s underwear and make up by the age of 14 and starting posing for amateur photos and videos around that time. She used the photos on chat sessions with older men that loved her naughtiness and fearless attitude. Despite this, Barbie wouldn’t show her face until several years after.

Between 2006 and 2009, Barbie would be on several Spanish & English language gay chatrooms being the toy for lots of Dominant Women and Men.  She alternated the use of MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger for personalized talks with these users. In those years, Barbie would found out about the crossdressing and sissy community after reading several erotic tales in sites like Marqueze or TodoRelatos.

Barbie’s first makeover candid

Her sexual exploration would also include diapers, Adult Baby fetish, Clitoris and Testies Torture, Bondage and Water Sports along with other fetishes and practices. She would also know around 2009 about the dangers of being blackmailed and exposed when she showed a set of her intimate girly pictures to a few schoolmates that spreaded the word, without her knowledge, of her sissiness. This prompted her to be completely ridiculized by her peers. It must be also mentioned that Barbie could convince her parents to change her to another school making them never know the reason why their daughter wanted to leave that institution. A few months later Barbie realized that she would love the idea of being degraded and humiliated and from then on she would be an enthusiast of that fetish.

By year 2017 Barbie would have her first girlfriend experience, a period of time in which she prompted the sissy  into having better looks and be proud of who she was. This can be considered as the groundbreaker for the Xhamster and Twitter sites that would make Barbie the first successful sissy from Argentina.

With videos that have reached more than 20.000 views, Barbie is willing to keep improving her effeminate side. Since 2019 she is into periods of extended chastity and gooning mixed with hypnosis training that made her be more submissive than she was years before.

A picture of Barbie’s most recent look change, alternating from edgy gothic brunette to more pastel and pink shades and outfits.

On 2020 she  was contacted by Mistress Xena from Sissy-Central Network and became blogger, archivist, editor and writer for it’s Sissipedia Encyclopedia page and for the Expose-a-Sissy website; of course Barbie agreed on that and it is expected that she will open her first OnlyFans website on February of the same year; this site will host her pay per view S&M sissification sessions, videos and other content to thousands of followers from all around the globe.



Here are some of Barbie’s milestones as she became a porn media starlet:





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