Sasha de Sade


Sasha de Sade – Personal Info

Name: Sasha de Sade

Date of Birth: March 4th

Star Sign: Pisces

Hometown: London, England (UK)

Measurements: 38A – 29 – 37

Height: 5’11 (1.80m)

Hair Colour: Blonde/Brunette

Eye Colour: Blue

Piercings: Navel

Years Active: 2016 – present

Number of Scenes: 20+

Sasha de Sade is a gorgeous adult film star, clip artist, cam girl and model who has been performing in porn since late 2016. Over the years, Sasha de Sade’s sizzling scenes for Evil Angel, Grooby and TransSensual have earned her an avid global fan following as well as many notable nominations for “MV Trans Model of the Year”, “Best Clipsite Star”, “Best Self-Producer” and “Best Solo Website” at the Transgender Erotica Awards.

Sasha de Sade in TS Taboo #2: My Boss’s Wife (2018) – TransSensual

So where did it all begin? Born and raised in the East London suburb of Essex, British beauty Sasha de Sade has also lived in Beijing, Seoul and Hong Kong throughout her life. Sasha de Sade discussed her Essex upbringing during her January 2017 PornOCD interview and divulged that;

“I was born and raised in an East London suburb in Essex, a part of the UK known for promiscuity, fake tans and white stiletto heels…I’m still working out how much of that rubbed off on me…The area I grew up in was extremely homophobic and transsexuals weren’t even acknowledged outside of crude jokes, but I got by okay focusing on sports, gaming and music. I always looked and acted quite feminine, but somehow avoided being seriously bullied, I think because I made an effort to get along with everyone…For a long time I wanted to be a DJ or producer. I started going out to raves when I was quite young and pirated some music production software when I was 13. Music was my favorite subject as school because of that, but I realized quickly how unlikely a lucrative career in the music industry would be…Some of my earliest memories are of going to bed making wishes that I’d wake up as a girl. At times I convinced myself that I was only a boy by mistake and some higher power would fix me at any moment, but I didn’t realize actual gender transitions are possible till around 2011 when people like Andreja Pejic and Paris Lees began getting mainstream media attention. I started transitioning as soon as I was able to get my hands on hormones after that”.

Horny Sasha de Sade Cums For You! – TGirls.XXX

Sasha de Sade has been fortunate to have the support of her family and friends throughout her transition process and she sincerely conveyed within this January 2017 Porn OCD interview how;

“I was lucky to always have close friends who didn’t mind me being feminine etc., although I did lose some friends when I came out and transitioned…They’ve been amazingly supportive – more so than I had ever expected. I think they realized transitioning was the only way for me to be happy, so they’ve done their best to understand what I’m going through. They aren’t very wealthy so I’ve still had to earn my own money for hormones and doctor visits etc., but they help out where they can”.

Sasha de Sade at Bob’s TGirls

Sasha de Sade first began working in the adult entertainment industry as a fetish model and she garnered a devoted fan following via the online fetish community FetLife. Sasha de Sade also spent a period of time travelling in East Asia and it was here that she worked in a fetish dungeon. Sasha de Sade discussed her passion for the BDSM lifestyle during her January 2017 PornOCD interview, highlighting how;

“I’m very much into the BDSM lifestyle – my fantasies have always been kinky and I’d started tying myself up with sheets before I even knew learned about sex. At this point I can’t imagine ever being in vanilla relationship…I had quite a big following on FetLife starting from around the time I transitioned and started posting photos, and started to get a lot of encouragement to take things further; I realized I could make transition and travel funds more easily through sex work than anything else available to me, and I’ve always been exhibitionistic and confident about my body, so it seemed ideal”.

Horny Sasha de Sade Cums For You! – TGirls.XXX

During this time Sasha de Sade started to dabble with webcamming and she continues to host lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate (as sasha_de_sade). Sasha de Sade also begun to create her own amateur web content which paved the way for her to pursue a career in porn in late 2016 (You can discover all of Sasha’s exclusive videos via her official website As Sasha de Sade explained in her January 2017 PornOCD interview;

“I did a few shows early on in 2016 when I was still living in Asia, but found it quite difficult to get a regular schedule and reliable Internet while travelling, so I only started camming regularly around the end of October when I came home to London. I’ve always enjoyed being on cam – harassment is minimal and I’ve enjoyed getting to know my regulars and mods…I think amateur content allows me a type of creative control and freedom that would be difficult to find working with a studio. I enjoy video editing and deciding how to market various scenes, and I’m looking forward to creating lots more content in the future…Most of my amateur stuff has been filmed with my girlfriend behind the lens, and fortunately she’s a talented photographer – our next step is to get some proper filming equipment, since our cameras and lighting let us down a lot”.

Sasha de Sade: A Star Is Born! – UK TGirls

Sasha de Sade : Adult Film Career

Sasha de Sade made her official porn debut in late 2016 after Grooby’s Marketing Director Michael contacted her via Twitter asking if she would consider posing for a solo shoot. In this manner, Sasha de Sade filmed her first solo scene for the Grooby porn site UK TGirls. Titled Sasha de Sade: A Star Is Born!, this steamy solo scene was shot by Kalin London and released via UK TGirls in December 2016. When she was asked about shooting her porn debut during her January 2017 PornOCD interview, Sasha de Sade revealed that;

“It felt similar to being in front of my webcam for a cam show, which is something I’ve done a lot, so it felt quite natural. I think it would have been quite intimidating if I didn’t already have cam experience. Kalin was great company and very professional – that definitely helped things go smoothly”.

The Amazing Sasha de Sade! – TGirls.XXX

Spurred on by the success of her porn debut, Sasha de Sade continued to collaborate with Kalin London on many sizzling UK TGirls scenes. We recommend watching Sasha’s steamy Oh Sasha… solo scene in January 2017 and her hot Sasha Just Can’t Resist Jeff! hardcore scene with Jeff Hardy in February 2017. Naturally, Sasha de Sade’s sizzling scenes were showcased in the UK TGirls DVD UK TGirls #2: Banging British Blondes (2017) featuring Mia Maffia, Red Vex, Ramona Swarovski and Barbie Doll. Kalin London has also directed many of Sasha de Sade’s sultry solo scenes that have been released via the Grooby porn site TGirls.XXX. You’ll love viewing Sasha de Sade’s saucy Sasha Is Naughty In Bed! scene in January 2017 and her kinky Sasha Trying Out Her New Toy! scene in February 2017. Not to be missed!

Sasha de Sade: A Star Is Born! – UK TGirls

Most notably, Kalin London directed Sasha de Sade’s sensual girl/girl scene with Nikki Vidic which was promoted via the Grooby porn site in April 2017. Sasha de Sade and Nikki’s scene proved so popular that it was featured in the Grooby DVD Tgirls Porn #9 (2017) which was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2018 Transgender Erotica Awards and “Trans Release of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ Awards. Sasha de Sade enjoyed collaborating with Nikki and she commented during her June 2017 Caramel’s TGirls interview with Caramel Black that;

“I reached out to Nikki when I saw her debut – she has such a beautiful and natural feminine look that I wanted to chat regardless of whether we were going to collaborate, and fortunately we were eventually both able to visit London at the same time to film together.  We actually filmed that video on the morning of our shoot for TGirls.Porn (Sasha De Sade & Nikki Vidic),but we were both horny enough to perform for both scenes”.

Sasha de Sade & Nikki Vidic –

During this time, Sasha de Sade also collaborated with her partner Mistress Murmur on many scintillating scenes for TGirls.XXX. You have to check out Sasha de Sade’s raunchy Naughty Sasha Cock Pumping! solo scene in May 2017, her sizzling Luscious Sasha And Her Toys! solo scene in June 2017, her titillating Sasha De Sade Cums Hard! and Sasha De Sade Cums Again! solo scenes in October 2017 and her steamy Sasha De Sade & Yulia Masakowa! girl/girl scene with sexiest Russian pornstar Yulia Masakowa in November 2017. Mistress Murmur also directed Sasha de Sade’s sensational Sarina Valentina & Sasha De Sade girl/girl scene with petite busty beauty Sarina Valentina which was uploaded via in December 2017 with the tantalizing description;

“An absolute blockbuster of an update in store for our beloved members this week as two of the industry’s biggest names intertwine for an all-blonde, rip-roaring XXX set to make serious waves! Sarina Valentina and Sasha De Sade is one helluva dream combination which we’ve just been itching to unveil to the world – and it’s all here, right now, in crystal 4K on TGirls.Porn!”.

Sasha de Sade and Sarina Valentina –

Mistress Murmur has since directed Sasha de Sade’s sensual The Amazing Sasha De Sade! and Horny Sasha De Sade Cums For You! solo scenes that were both released via TGirls.XXX in June 2019. What’s more, Sasha de Sade and Mistress Murmur continue to collaborate on a wealth of compelling videos for Sasha’s official website – so much so that they were both nominated for “Best Self-Producer” at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards! Sasha de Sade enjoys experimenting with a broad spectrum of BDSM and fetish content with Mistress Murmur and she hotly hints via her official website that;

“I got involved with the kink lifestyle as a teenager, and followed it around the world, even living in a fetish dungeon in East Asia for a few months during my travels! In my  pursuit of sexual experience, I  had the chance to explore most types of fetish and now I  really don’t have any taboos, as you can see from my videos  ;D Guided by Mistress Murmur’s firm hand, I’ve transformed myself  in just a few years from a shy feminine boy to a slutty hyper-sexual tgirl – MM still has big plans for my future bimbofication, so stay tuned if you want to see me become her perfect plastic doll”.

Sasha de Sade in TS Playground #29 (2019) – Evil Angel

Sasha de Sade : Official Website & Award Nominations

A landmark moment in Sasha de Sade’s career occurred in the spring of 2017 when she launched her official website,, in collaboration with the Grooby Network. Having access to her own online multimedia platform has enabled Sasha de Sade to share a wide range of solo shoots, hardcore scenes, fetish videos and BDSM content with her ever-expanding international fan following. Sasha de Sade has been thrilled to launch her very own website and she enthusiastically stated in an April 2017 Grooby News press release that;

“I’m so excited to have an official home for all of my videos and photo sets…I’ll be sharing new and exclusive content with you all, and pushing the limits of TS porn. I’ll be venturing into the sensual and sexy; hardcore and kinky, and I’ll be openly exploring all my fantasies, from TS domination to public exposure and sissy submission…[Mistress Murmur] verbally leads from behind the camera in some videos and gets involved with POV strap-on, spanking,  etc. in others…She also simultaneously dommes both me and other tgirls/guys/crossdressers and sometimes ‘forces’ me to top subs in other scenes”.

The Amazing Sasha de Sade! – TGirls.XXX

Hold on, it gets even better. Shooting these sensational sex scenes has earned Sasha de Sade many notable award nominations including;

  • 2018: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best New Face”
  • 2018: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Solo Model”
  • 2018: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best International Model”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “MV Trans Model of the Year”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Self-Producer” (with Mistress Murmur)
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Solo Website”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Clipsite Star”

Sasha de Sade at Bob’s TGirls

Sasha de Sade : Recent Releases & Future Plans

In addition to her compelling web content, Sasha de Sade continues to appear in a wealth of popular porn productions. We recommend watching Sasha de Sade’s saucy solo scene in the Bob’s TGirls compilation title Bob’s TGirls And Their Fucking Machines #5 (2018), her sizzling scene with Yulia Masakowa in the Grooby DVD Euro-Tgirls (2018) that was nominated for “Trans Movie of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ Europa Awards, her raunchy roleplay with Ruckus XXX in the TransSensual sequel release TS Taboo #2: My Boss’s Wife (2018) featuring sexy TS pornstars Aubrey Kate and Kayleigh Coxx as well as her kinky TS Natalie Mars With TS Sasha De Sade BDSM scene with Natalie Mars that was released via in October 2019.

Most notably, Sasha de Sade has been featured in a steady stream of Jay Sin’s Evil Angel movies. You have to check out Sasha de Sade’s thrilling three-way with Jonelle Brooks and Kai Bailey in TS Playground #29 (2019), her sizzling scene with Kai Bailey in TS Playground #30 (2019) and her steamy scene with Jonelle Brooks in TS Playground #32 (2019) featuring Bailey Paris, Marissa Minx, Melissa Pozzi, Natalie Mars and Nikki Jade Taylor. Sasha de Sade has since shared a saucy scene with Bailey Paris in TS Playground #34 (2019) which also features hot TS pornstars Aspen Brooks, Goddess Kyaa, Lilu Mae, Milli Quinzel and Arianna Lexa. Must see movies for Sasha de Sade fans!

Sasha de Sade in TS Taboo #2: My Boss’s Wife (2018) – TransSensual

Wondering what the future holds for gorgeous British pornstar Sasha de Sade? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Sasha de Sade has no plans to slow down anytime soon and she continues to star in many fan-favorite porn productions. Sasha de Sade also loves chatting with her fans via social media, hosting kinky live cam shows via Chaturbate (as ‘sasha_de_sade’) and shooting exciting new content for her official website As Sasha de Sade hotly hints;

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since my official site launched! I hope you’ve enjoyed all the content I’ve posted since then – I’m still finding new and exciting ways to make you cum over your keyboard  If you’re new here, let’s get to know each other! I have a trial membership option available to help you decide if you wanna stay! If you decide to join, I hope you’ll enjoy my huge collection of fetish TS porn, including the only TS-on-sex doll porn, filmed all over the world! Some of the girls I’ve worked with who appear in my videos include: Natalie Mars, Sarina Valentina, Casey Kisses, Goddess Tangent, Mistress Lexi Sindel, Mandy Mitchell, Jenny Flowers, Mistress Murmur, Bianca Stone, Mia Maffia, Shiri Trap, Bailey Paris, Natalie Goth, Princess Aurora, and more! Some of the types of videos I’ve posted so far: bareback hardcore, sissy training, sex doll fucking, fuck machine, public masturbation, TS dominatrix, shemale slave, threesomes, ABDL, cake sitting, hucow, dollification, vanilla glamour, bondage, degradation, gender therapy, humiliation, trans lesbian, deepthroat training, strap-on mistress fucks, latex, dirty talk, toilet maid, bimbofication, self-facial, and loads more! <3 Come join me inside and take my hand as you discover your new favourite fetish ;D”.

The Amazing Sasha de Sade! – TGirls.XXX

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